FluffyChat 0.32.0 is out now 💪 and targets improved stability and a new onboarding flow where single sign on is now the more prominent way to get new users into the app.

This release also introduces a complete rewritten database under the hood based on the key value store Hive instead of sqlite.

This should improve the overall stability and the performance of the web version.

for the first time in like 8+ years, i am trusting somebody to be a co-sysadmin for a project :o

National Geographic says there's a fifth ocean on Earth.

National Geographic cartographers have listed four oceans on Earth since the society began making maps in 1915 - the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian & Arctic oceans.


Let Me Know if the Toots I'm boosting are Off-Topic here as this is Bengali Instance.😅

Fediverse Explorer now supports viewing #peertube content. Trending videos will be embedded in the tag feeds.

May seem like a small step but this is the first non #mastodon based api that I am consuming!


Rebuilt and rebranded my side project 🚀🚀🚀

Introducing: Fediverse Explorer fediverse.0qz.fun/

Pulling content from over 3000 #mastodon #pixelfed #plemora servers to generate a trends report every hour.

Oh no queer.hacktivis.me is gonna be 7 years old in less than 2 months. ( https://queer.hacktivis.me/notice/1 )
@chj0 the real boomer instance is RDN, http://rainbowdash.net/notice/1

AFAIK it's the oldest fediverse instance that is still online. (excluding identi.ca because of the pump.io migration)
Does anyone how to setup properly Tomcat/Jetty in Alpine Linux?

I followed the wiki but I get errors about the context when trying to deploy a Java app...

RTs are welcome!
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